College Resources

Federal Student Aid: Find the information you need online
Fill out the FAFSA
Basic FAFSA info: what is it, how do you fill it out
Dependency status for FAFSA purposes
Determining which parents info to report
How aid is calculated
Types of Aid
Types of financial aid
Who can get federal student aid
Pell Lifetime Eligibility used
Finding and applying for scholarships
Loan interest rates and fees
Aid for military families
Avoiding financial aid scams
Student Account Access
My Federal Student Aid (log in to see grant and loan records and certain eligibility info)

Repaying Loans
Loan repayment
Repayment Estimator
Income-driven repayment plans (e.g. Pay As You Earn plan, Income-Based plan)
Public Service Loan Forgiveness
Loan forgiveness in general
Loan forgiveness for teachers
College Prep
College Preparation Checklist: academic and financial prep for K-12 and adult students
Why go to college (education and pay/unemployment rates)
-Filling out a FAFSA request
-Merit-Based Scholarships
-How student loans work
-Planning for life after college and much more
Special Audiences
Info for parents (tax benefits, support your child, college costs)
Graduate school funding
Financial aid for adult students
Going to college in another country

Comprehensive College Guide for Veterans & Active Service Members
Social Media
Twitter feed
YouTube channel
Facebook page


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